Bark Quest (Global Game Jam 2018)

Bark Quest was created in 2 days for Global Game Jam 2018, whose theme was "Transmission."

The game was created with Unreal Engine 4 with a team of two, and a few asset packs from the Unreal Marketplace.

The Windows and macOS versions of the game are built in a Development Mode, which means players have access to the Unreal Engine Debug Console (you can open it using the backtick key, typically next to the '1' key on the keyboard). For a list of some Unreal Engine 4 Console Commands, visit this webpage: You can also use the autocomplete feature of the Debug Console to explore.

There are Windows and macOS versions of the game available to download now. Coming soon will be mobile versions of the game. Thank you for checking it out!!


The player is a stray dog who goes around a small town helping people solve their problems, all while the town's people are talking about a strange transmission they heard last night... 


Carrie B Daley - Game Designer, Level Designer, Writer, Graphic Artist
Jonathan A Daley - Programmer, Designer, Animator