Solitaire AR

Play Klondike solitaire anytime, anywhere, in augmented reality! Place your cards on any flat surface: the table, your desk, the ground, anywhere you can think of!

How To Play
- When starting play, move your device around to find a flat surface to place the cards
- Select if you wish to play Draw 1 or Draw 3 rules (Draw 1 card at a time, or Draw 3 cards at a time)
- Tap any flat surface to place the game cards
- Tap "Play Solitaire!" to play!
- Tap cards to Auto Move them to a valid location
- Tap the Draw Deck to draw more cards

The Options (gear) menu has options to play a New Game, or go back to the Main Menu.

If you have a few minutes, please review the game! We'd love to hear your feedback! Have fun!

*Also, please be aware of your surroundings while playing Solitaire AR. Be safe!