Nacelle Games, LLC Privacy Policy for Our Apps & Games

 This policy describes how and when Nacelle Games, LLC collects, uses, and shares your information when you use our Games, Apps, and/or Services. We will ask for your consent before collecting or using information for a purpose outside of those outlined in this Privacy Policy.

When You Play Our Games or Use Our Apps

Nacelle Games Does Not Collect Personal Data While You Play Our Games & Use Our Apps. We have the utmost respect for the privacy of our Users. We want all of our Users, as well as the Parents and/or Guardians of our Users, to not have to worry about what information may be floating around in cyberspace. Because of this, Nacelle Games, LLC does not collect any information (personal or otherwise) when you play our Games and use our Apps.

Using Ad Supported Apps and/or Games from Nacelle Games, LLC. Some of our apps and games are supported by ads. In those apps and games, we partner with Google AdMob to facilitate the delivery of ads. Nacelle Games, LLC does not collect any personally identifiable information in our apps or games that use ads; however certain non-personally identifiable information can be shared with third-parties; for more information on what is shared, please visit this link: How Google uses data when you use our partner’s sites or apps. (

Using Facebook with Nacelle Games, LLC’s Apps & Games. When Users log into their Facebook account in one of our Apps or Games and/or uses Facebook services (such as sharing a photo) from within one of our Apps or Games, Facebook logs that User activity. Anonymous, aggregate data on Users using Facebook within our Apps and Games is securely provided to Nacelle Games, LLC. No personally identifiable information is collected by Nacelle Games, LLC when users use Facebook services from within our Apps and Games. Nacelle Games, LLC will never post to your Facebook profile, or use any information on your Facebook profile, without your express permission.

Anonymous Hardware and Usage Data Collected by Unreal Engine. Some of our games are powered by Unreal Engine 4, which is made by a company called Epic Games, Inc. Our games that use Unreal Engine 4 collect anonymous Hardware and Usage Data. No Personal Data is Collected. All data collected is entirely anonymous, and does not contain personally identifiable information. This data is sent to Epic Games, Inc. so they may improve Unreal Engine 4 (as stated in the Unreal Engine 4 EULA, section 13: 

When You Contact Us

Contact by Email. When you contact Nacelle Games, LLC through email (which can be done through, we may keep a record of your communication with us, which includes your email address. We do this so that we can help answer any questions you may have, or solve any issues you may be facing, and to better our products and services.

Contact by Website Form. When you contact Nacelle Games, LLC through a form on our website, we may keep a record of all the information you enter into a form. We do this so that we can help answer any inquiries, or solve any issues you may be facing, and to better our products and services.

Contact by Phone. When you contact Nacelle Games, LLC by phone, your phone number is stored so that we may contact you back if the need arises. Also, if you leave us a voicemail message, the recording you leave will be stored so that we may use the message to help answer any questions you may have, solve any issues you may be facing, and to better our products and services.

Beta Tester Signup. When you sign up to beta test games or apps made by Nacelle Games, LLC, we ask for your name, email address, and platform available to test on (such as an iPhone, iPod Touch, etc.). This information is securely stored so that we may use it to facilitate our beta testing. Your name and email may be shared with platform partners for the purpose of facilitating beta testing. General information about our beta tests (such as device types, total number of beta testers, etc) may be shared publicly, but only in an aggregate form that is not personally identifiable to any single tester.

Information We Collect When You Visit Our Website

Third-party Services. When you visit our website, we use a third-party service to gather anonymous usage data; this includes things such as what browsers and devices visit our site, how often a page in our site is visited, what time of day visits occur, and from what source our website was accessed (such as from an internet search or a link on social media). The reason we collect this data is to better our products and services. The gathered information is anonymous, does not include personal data, does not include personably identifiable information, and is kept strictly confidential. 

Information We Share

From time to time, we may share data collected by third-party services on how our website is used, but this data is completely anonymous and is not personably identifiable information. 

We do not share or disclose any private or personal information. The only exception would be to comply with a law, regulation, or legal request requiring disclosure of private and/or personal information.

Information Security

We will protect private and personal information with reasonable safeguards against loss, theft, unauthorized access, copying, disclosure, modification, or use.

If you have any questions, please email us at Thank you.