Pizza Blast

An arcade, objective-based, open world-inspired, racing game with pizza (and cannons)!!


Pizza Blast is an awesome new game coming soon to iOS and Android!! We can't wait to share more soon!!

As a pizza delivery person, there are two things most import to remember: 1) Deliver on time and 2) Deliver the correct pizza!! In Pizzalopolis, everyone and we mean EVERYONE eats pizza all the time!! You must deliver every pizza on time with a blast from your pizza cannon!! So many obstacles, and don't forget to not run out of gas or pizza!! Every on time and correct delivery gets you extra tips, and you want to make sure to get those tips to help cover paying for your gas!! This fun and exciting game will keep you on your toes with twists turns and hovercraft abilities....?? This is a must have game, so don't miss out!! :)