Baby's First Loves

Made for Moms, by a Mom. This baby tracker works to help moms (and dads) keep track of feedings, diapers, and sleeping habits of your baby (or babies!).  There are also places to track Milestones (like crawling, talking and walking!) along with a picture for the memorable event!  We have also included options to keep track of health check up data and a place to note when your baby isn't feeling well.  This will definitely help when your baby is not feeling well and your lack of sleep prevents you from remembering when they started to not feel well.  All of these important notes will be kept in your Baby's Log, where you can not only look over your baby's habits, but sort through to make out patterns in your baby's routine.  

We hope you enjoy every precious moment with your little one, and we hope that this app will help you keep track of what's most important in your baby's life!! Because to your baby, all of these things (food, clean diaper, learning new things, and sleeping) are your baby's first loves...along with your love and cuddles!! :)

This app will be available for iOS in the future.